Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cincinnati Updates

So, I'm finally here in Cincinnati. Got myself a nice apartment in downtown, because I'm too lazy to drive to work. It's a lot easier to just walk down a few blocks and be there at work. Besides, you get to have a good social life, too. My original plan was to settle down in a very nice part of town called Hyde Park, but houses there were a lot more expensive. I figured that I'd rather wait a while and try buying a condo rather than pay all that premium right away. I also went shopping and got myself a tonne of furniture - and I've Rebecca to thank for that! :-) In her own words, she hoped to "help me add some colour to my boring, drab life". Or something like that. Good lord, I never realized that there could be such hideous things as purple couches, bright blue sheets and orange bookshelves. Of course, between my love for beige and her love for bright orange/purple/blue, it made for an interesting time (I use the term loosely, of course). Fortunately, I did not end up with anything that's any of those colours. And oh, it was my birthday two weeks ago. Hung out with my friends here, and Beck made me a nice little card that basically implied that I'm a puppy that needs to climb a hill (go figure). She also gave me a tee that said that I was a Windows program gone bad and that she liked to push my buttons. Jacob got me a book that explained why Republicans rock and Andy got me a tonne of knives. Well, he's married, so he's looking out for my future, I think. Other people got me other things that I won't quite go into. Anyway, so I've been having a great time with all that. I should also mention that Andy is going to be a Dad in just a while - which I think is fantastic! It would seem that it was only yesterday that he got married. Congrats to Andy and Kristen. Who'd have thought he'd be such a straight shooter. =) And interestingly enough, my new apartment is right next to the Saint Peter in Chains Cathedral, which was where their wedding was. So far, life has been good. Well, except for the fact that I paid something like 4k in taxes in just the past month. Other than that, peachy is the word.