Sunday, August 14, 2005

Of Marriages, Martial Arts & Mad Days of Coding

Today, a best friend and business partner of mine, Andrew Ford, got married to another friend, Kristen Scrofano. Their wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen - and if any two people were ever destined to be a great couple, it has to be them. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Saint Peter in Chains Cathedral, and was most amazing. And ofcourse, Andy is Catholic - which meant a large and wonderful family with lots of tiny and large brothers, sisters and everything in between running around! They had a great Soprano, who sang really well - and a wonderful celebrant, Father Bernie Weldishofer - people choked in tears during the Lord's Prayer and Nuptial Blessing ceremonies (awww). Andrew ofcourse, was talking really, really fast through the ceremony - "Get on with it, dammit! I need to get married. NOW!" Eventually, he did. Poor fella. But - before we were at the wedding, there were several things that happened. Such as me and Mark sitting and coding a few thousand and odd lines of code for our newest client. By the time this got done, I realized that it was 4 PM and rushed home (just in case, I'd also carried my clothes along, if for some odd reason the sky fell on me and I did not have time to get dressed for the wedding). Rebecca got a beautiful dress for the wedding, and after a multitude of "tasks" and "events" (not the least of which involved doing nails an hour before the wedding), we headed to the wedding. But ofcourse, it's boring if things always went well, so it decides to rain ("it" at this moment refers to the divine forces conspiring against me and Beck) - not your usual rain, but a torrential downpour, when we were already rushing to the wedding. Ofcourse, thanks to Rebecca's insanely awesomely scary driving skills, we reached the Church - and ran inside dripping wet. Well, for the most part - but the good news was that people who came after us were a lot more wet than we were, so that was a saving grace. And then ofcourse, the wedding ceremonies began and Andy got served. Err, sorry, married. (-: And we all wished them the most blissful wedded life ever. In between the wedding, we all chimed that there should be peace in the world in the name of the Lord and gave everybody hugs. And what did we do right afterwards? Well, umm, my insanely awesome Rebecca had decided that watching people beat the crap out of each other immediately after a serene wedding would be the thing to do. Yup, she planned a visit to a fighting ring for the evening. Right after the wedding. Think UFC, where real mixed martial arts people beat each other to a literal bloody pulp in a metal cage at a stripclub - The Metropolis Night Club. The event itself is called ICE MMA. But - before all this, we decided that we could not stand to watch people beating the crap out of each other on an empty stomach, so we rushed to some fast food joints and got ourselves lots and lots of food, which we consumed at extremely accelerated rates while driving at even more accelerated rates. Coming back to the fights, while they were brutal, they were quite awesome - remember, these are guys who are quite amazing at what they do (i.e. beating the crap out of people). Going out with Rebecca is a lot of fun that way.

R: "Damn it! Beat the crap out of him you nitwitted idiot! Grapple him and toss him aside, even I could teach you that, f***in' hell! Morons! That's basic f***in' stuff, right there! Grapple him, grapple him, graaaaaaa...AAAAAAAAAPLE HIM!" K: "Umm, you should consider a career in commentary." R: "Yeah, but I use the F word all the time, they won't let me do that." K: "Right. We're at a bar and a strip-club watching people beat the crap out of each other to a bloody pulp in a metal cage, and you're worried about language?!"
Just to be clear - I'm not particularly in the habit of doing such stuff on a regular basis (you know, just in case and stuff). Anyway, I've never felt more out of place - everyone there was having at least a tatoo, piercing or a funky hairstyle. Guess who were the only people dressed in insanely dressy, expensive clothes? Yup. The strippers, and us. Ofcourse, we did eventually get around to getting the hell out of there - only to head back to Andy's reception. Which was also a lot of fun - nothing beats seeing your good buddy and business partner dressed in a stuffy tux. I took particularly great pleasure in telling Andy that he resembled a Penguin! (yes, he did - a particularly large one, but definitely a penguin!) And then there was the funky dance/music stuff that goes on at weddings (combine all this with the mental imagery of just having watched people fighting, stripping, drinking etc). After all the fun stuff that happens at wedding parties and contemplations involving our own futures, we headed back. I could quite safely say that it was an interesting day!