Thursday, January 13, 2005

Comments on Bush on Joel on Software Forums

A slightly offtopic post -- I recently saw this comment on my blog by someone who accused me of posting FUD supporting Bush on JoS forums. I'll reproduce the comment here --

Hey Karthik, You should reconsider using your real first name on JOS. You are easy to track down and you shouldn't be posting all that FUD about bush and the war with your real name. Cheers.
Well, for one I've posted on JoS forums just a couple of times and both of these were in relation to some technical questions on Perl/Python. And for another, whenever I post online I make sure I leave my website or similar leads. And most importantly, Karthik is as common a first name in India as John or Joe. Trust me, when I believe in something I stand by it -- if those posts were made by me, I'd definitely stand by them. But just to clear things up -- those comments weren't posted by me. Possibly by another Karthik or an imposter, but definitely not me. Perhaps one should try mailing the other Karthik to ascertain this. Cheers and hope everyone's having a blast of a New Year!