Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tales of Blackjack

Yesterday was Friday. So, that made last night Friday night. Since it was the end of a particularly long week, it was decided that me, Jacob and Abby would go and have some fun, the kind where we could make some money. So, we headed down to a particular casino in a neighboring state, whose name shall go unmentioned. Anyway, the plan was to go play some Blackjack, and to try and pay for our drinks. It was fun. While I didn't win a whole lot, I did break even and got back an eighty from the house. It's amazing how adhering to simple Basic Strategy and doing some primitive card counting can help you! Sadly enough, a lot of people just seem to play Blackjack randomly, and throw away their money. All one needs to do is to beat the dealer's hand. Unless the dealer has an ace or a face card, your chances are even. Also, the dealer has to play until he has a 17, stand on 17s and draw on 16s. If you can track the existing cards in the deck, you can calculate the probabilities of him drawing something that will beat you. The other thing is insurance - when you are winning and the probabilities are in favor of the dealer, insure. When you are losing and the probabilities are in your favor, double your bet. It also helps to know the Basic Strategy for most draws, and when to hit/stand. Anyway, I drew three straight Blackjacks, two of which were two-carded, so I got back 3:2. Coupled with my insurance, it wasn't long before I got what I'd put in.

{Source: Wikipedia}
Ironically, a seemingly rich (but obvious) card-counter came by, did a drive-by and bid a $100 and took a 3:2 of $250 back, it was nice to watch. Once I'd gotten back my share, I wasn't going to bid anymore. That's another thing, you really ought to know when to stop. Anyway, since I'd had a good day, I spent the money on buying drinks and food, and got myself a framed glass painting of Hector (Jack of Diamonds) and a few decks of casino quality playing cards. Sadly, they only had a poker decks and not pinochle decks. Of course, tonight is Saturday night and rather than play music at some club, I'm going to a LAN party. Hopefully, I can kick some ass there, too.