Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Atlanta - Auf wiedersehen und Danke!

So, this is my last week in Atlanta. Starting next week, I'll be moving to Cincinnati for good, working for the labs division of a particular company that I interned at this summer. When I first moved to Atlanta, my life was a mess - in every sense. I had reasons to be disappointed about things that were happening in my life, things that I had no control over nor inkling of. Now, I'm leaving Atlanta as a much happier person (touch wood) - and after almost three years, it's become my home. I'll miss my friends, the wonderful south, the skyline and just about everything else. Today, one of my friends, Juan, who is a journalist at CNN, invited me for lunch at his house. He and his wife (who is from Mexico and is a GT alum) made the most delicious lunch, it was fantastic (they also have an incredibly cute little baby girl who's a darling!). The past few days, I've had people inviting me to farewell parties and hosting lunches and dinners - you never realize the number of friends you make at a place, and the fact that they care for you makes you feel wonderful. Ironically, when I first came to Atlanta, I associated the place with a series of unpleasant events that were happening in my life. Today, this place and the people here have only made me forget those experiences, but also helped me move on in life, to better things. The place and the people here have helped me mature and become a better person. Of all the schools I've been at, Georgia Tech has become the one school that I've actually grown to like, and love. I'm proud to have studied here, and I'm glad to have studied here. True Blue Guy blogged about leaving home after the holidays, but this feels like leaving home for good. After the past couple of years, Atlanta has become my home and I'll miss the place and the people. Here's to Atlanta and its people, the most beautiful city I've ever lived in. Thanks y'all, for everything. :-)