Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Adventures with Spammers - II

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: josph32004 moses <> Date: Jan 4, 2006 6:14 AM Subject: Calvary greetings from Madam Josphine Charles / My pict attached. To: Paul Muad'dib <> Dearest Paul Muad'dib, My warm greetings to you in the name of our lord jesus christ.i am very glad to receive your mail this mornning concerning this fund which i am entrusting in your hand for the propagation of the word of God.Really to meet you as a God fearing person was my often prayers for God to provide me his servant who will not betray or disappoint me in this vow which i made to him. I knew that it will be a thing of surprise when you received this letter,but the bible made us to know that all things works together for them that beleives in christ jesus,as he works mysteriously and his ways and ours as hummanbeighns are not the same. Only have faith in God and beleive that it is faith Abraham beleives that God will make everything possible and he bears his son Isaac,and i beleive that God of ancient days will still guide you to receive this fund for the accomplishment of this vow which i made to him. I thank you for your advices towards the treatment of my sickness,but since i found myself in this condition i have no other option than to allow the WILL of God to be done on me as i have decided for him to take me and do whatever he likes because i am not afraid of death hence i knew where i am heading. My motivation of making this decission to donate this fund for the propagation of the word of God is because of the predicament which i found myself into after 25yrs of marriage without any issue which i decided to take all i have in this devilish world to honour God as i know that every soul shall give an account of his life at the last day in the pressence of God,as i know that after death judgment follows. Base on your mail,i am well convinced that you are sent by God to fulfill this promise to his glory as you narrated here that your church is building a new temple which is also included in my first letter to see that the house of God is mentained,so what i want you to do is to try your best to make sure that you assisted me as you have seen my condition with the help of the bellow picture in the hospital which i could not be able to do anything by myself,regards to that i beg you to move out in faith to assist me so that you will use the fund to do the work of God as i concluded with my spirit. Remember what is in bible conjection in the book of mathew chapt 18 vs 6,that shall be our physical convenant that will bind both of us in this transaction. I want you to forward me your contact informations to enable me swear inn an affidavit of oath on your name from the Fedral Ministry of Justice to declare whole heartedly that i have made you the beneficiary to my inheritance in the Bank of Africa C.I,so that even if i am no more you shall continue from there and request the Bank to make the transfer to you without any confrontation from any body. The informations are as follows; 1.Your full name 2.Home and country address and 3.Phone and fax number. Immediately i received these informations the certificate of deposit issued to my late husband on the first day of deposit shall be forwarded to you for you to contact the Bank to confirm the existence of this fund and you request them to make the transfer to your destinated account as the new bnenefiary. Bear in mind that you will not receive any communication from me incase if the sister nurse who devoted her time to help me in typing this messages to you is in her off duty. You can also reach the hospital where i am responding to treatment with the address bellow; Chu De Treichville Hospital Abidjan Cote d'ivoire 8BP 2153 Rue 13 Ave 19 Treichville Abidjan C.I Tele/Fax;+225 07 46 37 02 Email; Doctor;Dr.Ray Smith. Please,remember to put me in your daily prayers for God's healing. Thanks and God bless you. Yours Madam Josphine Charles. Madam Josphine's pict.jpg