Friday, December 30, 2005

Technology for the field

Despite what we believe, there are still extremely large areas of this planet that are unexplored. To this day, good technology on the field is an advantage that cannot be ignored. And as an avid outdoors-person and adrenaline junkie myself, I speak from experience. One of the papers that The Cydonian and I had written for CAS 2006 was on an Open Source solution for Archaeologists, called ARASim, to perform some detailed structural simulations and the like. What would be the computing opportunities in this domain, if one were to consider building systems and software for folks on the field? After all, archaeologists, anthropologists, linguists, explorers and adventurers most certainly have a lot of use for good technology. Of course, the problem is one of reliability - such systems would need to be extremely rugged, reliable and failproof. And while there is always the temptation to include the kitchen-sink, it would need to be lean and mean, to do just what it is supposed to. Umm, I think there is a hitherto unexplored domain that could be looked at. Update: I should also mention NDSU's Archaeology Technology Laboratory in this context.