Thursday, October 27, 2005

White Keikogi & Hakama for Kendo

For those of you who know, I've been practicing Kendo for a while now. And for those of you who do not, Kendo is the Japanese art of swordsmanship, and translates roughly to Way of the Sword. It's one of those things where one can supposedly attain enlightenment through swordsmanship, and trust me, you will. Well, at least parts of your body will. Standing on your toe-tips for three hours with a heavy sword and fighting non-stop (and getting your ass kicked non-stop) redefines the meaning of the word pain. Now, I've been looking for full-body white Keikogi/Hakama combinations for Kendo for a while, with no luck. I've a couple of ones that are blue, but I'd like to own a white pair for things like competitions and the like, and mostly because it looks cool - you wear white during special occasions such as when an outside Sensei is visiting.

[Blue Keikogi & Hakama - boring, normal stuff]
Usually, I buy these things from e-Bogu -- however, they do not seem to have any full-body white Keikogis, just white Hakamas. Worst case, I'd get something stitched here, but that's something of a last resort. So, I was just wondering if any folks knew of any online stores that sold good Keikogis and Hakamas. (And no, I won't go to a random website and buy this stuff - the last thing you want is an uncomfortable outfit when you're fighting with swords - this is one of those things where the phrase "tried and trusted" means a whole lot. Well, not a whole lot, merely that you won't get your ass kicked because you tripped on your Hakama, fell onto your opponent's sword and lost an eye in front of a Hachi-Dan Sensei from Japan. I've no wish of looking like a dishonored pirate with a sword, so if you'd personally recommend something, I'd appreciate that a lot!) And oh, here's the 2000 WKC Individual Finals video, it's fairly interesting. Those Shinais must be fantastic to be able to resist those hits.