Sunday, October 02, 2005



Watched Serenity yesterday and loved it - it's quite elegantly and tastefully done, and it's absolutely gripping. I'd say it's one of the best movies I've ever seen, in the longest time. It's funny, action packed and cool - a cowboy western set in space, something like Hans Solo having his own show during his smuggler days. As a fan of Firefly, I expected this to be similar - but sadly, it is not. It's not Firefly, it's Serenity. Sure, you have the same characters and similar themes, but some things happen that simply, umm, change things. (I know, I know! That's not really much of an explanation, but I don't want to give away spoilers! :-/) For those of you Firefly fans who would be watching Serenity, I'd strongly advise that you read the Serenity comics (there's just three of them) to have some back-story.
Serenity Issue #1 Serenity Issue #2 Serenity Issue #3
And more information can be found at the Darkhorse Comics website. Of course, the world of Serenity is the same - you have the Alliance, the Reavers and the folks that want River Tam back. Amongst others. And then, there is Mr. Universe (go figure). And as always, River is as smashing and awesome as ever! She simply rocks, and her character is by far the most memorable. The rest is the usual - Kayle has a crush on the Doc who would do anything for River, everyone thinks Mal is a jerk but yet an awesome guy, the Shepherd preaches and Jayne thinks with the hair on his chest. But - there are some serious changes in terms of characters, and how they evolve. And relationships, roles and things change. And not always for the best, either. Finally, let me just say that Serenity rocked - it was fantastic and I'd definitely watch it a second time, even. But it's not Firefly.