Friday, October 07, 2005


So, I finally got around watching Mirrormask, whose screenplay was written by none other than Neil Gaiman along with his old friend, David McKean. To put it simply, it was simply fabulous. And it was Gaiman through and through. Funny, delightful and refreshing with a surreal feel that could only have been possible in Gaiman's world. The only thing missing was a chuckling Morpheus (and his family!). (No, I'm not talking Matrix-styled Morpheus, I'm talking about the original Morpheus, the Greek God of Dream and Sleep, who's supposed to be one of the many inspirations for Gaiman's Sandman - Dream - and his dysfunctional family of endless that includes Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delight/Delirium. On a completely unrelated note, has anyone ever wondered that Dream's new incarnation is by his son Daniel, named after the Biblical prophet who interpreted Dreams.) Back to MirrorMask, it is extremely well done and has a wonderful ending that is quite refreshing. In some ways, it is the Labyrinth of our era. And incidentally enough, the Jim Henson Company has acknowledged that Mirrormask was indeed influenced by both Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. It's got the Gaiman trademark all over it - but hey, not that one would expect any less from the man, right? :-) If the movie is showing in the place you're in, I'd very strongly recommend that you do not miss it. Unfortunately, it's not playing at regular theatres, so you might have to hunt around for places that're showing the movie. First Serenity and now MirrorMask - all I can say is that I've been blown away! Update: And oh, here's an excellent page with several high-resolution pictures - clickety clicky for some MirrorMask PR Stills.