Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Heavenly Shades of Nights are Falling,
It's Twilight Gaiman Time...

Neverwhere - A Graphic Novel The old woman took the umbrella, gratefully, and smiled her thanks. "You've a good heart," she told him. "Sometimes that's enough to see you safe wherever you go." Then she shook her head. "But mostly, it's not." -Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman So, I've always wondered why there weren't graphic novels for Neverwhere - especially since Gaiman wrote Sandman, and since Neverwhere is exactly the kind of story that would do well to be adapted into a graphic book form. And lo! and behold! Guess what? Vertigo has come out with a 9-part graphical novel adaptation of Neverwhere.

For the graphic novel, the writing would be by Mike Carey (Hellblazer/Constantine fame) and art & covers by Glenn Farby (Sandman Endless Nights fame). So far, it's been AWESOME!! Anansi Boys And it also happens that I've started reading Gaiman's latest book, Anansi Boys, which is set in the American Gods universe. If it was not obvious, it's based on the character of Anansi ('Mr. Nancy' in American Gods) - and Anansi also happens to be one of the more important Gods of West-African lore, and is a trickster but a hero.
'He was not a god. He was my dad.'

'You can be both,' she said. 'It happens.'