Friday, October 14, 2005

Books, Assignments and Flights of Fancy

Just wrapped up Robert Jordan's latest Wheel of Time book, Knife of Dreams. Wow, it's quite amazing.

Spoilers for the fans - Egwene is really an Aiel at heart, impossible to break and impossible to be taken down. The true Amyrlin Seat shall reign supreme. Perrin thinks he almost makes a deal with the Dark One to free Faile -funny folk, those Seanchan. His Highness Lord Matrim Cauthon is quite hilariously lost as his luck gets him the Daughter of Nine Moons. Amongst other things. Rand al'Thor pays a price yet unpaid for being the Dragon Reborn - and the Dark One's shadow touches the world. The dead walk among the living and things that are not, or have been, seem to come to pass. Moiraine Sedai and Thom Merrilin have unfinished business (ooh! that got you, didn't it?). And who will ride with the Kings of Malkier when the Golden Crane shall fly again? My name is Nynaeve Sedai, Nynaeve al'Mandragoran - tell me, Malkier - will Lan al'Mandragoran, my Aan'Allein, ride alone to battle the blight? Who rides with the Golden Crane of Malkier? WHO! Now I've to wait for three more years for the grand finale, when the Dragon Reborn shall shed his blood on Shadar Logoth and fight Tarmon Gai'don. It should be fun, now that almost all the loose ends are tied up. Also wrapped up Anansi Boys - extremely Gaiman-like with macabre hilarity that is strongly reminiscent of American Gods. God is Dead. Meet the Kids. Very highly recommended! And it's 5 AM in the morning and I'm wrapping up my assignments, finished up last-minute school work, packing my bags and all set to fly to Seattle to see Min! This time around, I'm really *really* gone! I swear! See ya'll around.