Thursday, August 04, 2005

Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's Victory Banquet

Karthik, Jacob and Kyle were invited to Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's Republican Victory Banquet. The following are some pictures from the banquet.

[Karthik & Jacob at the tables] [Jacob & Kyle at the tables] [Karthik & Kyle at the tables] [Congresswoman Jean Schmidt walking up the stage upon the announcement of her victory; you can also see her daughter behind her] [Congresswoman Jean Schmidt announcing her victory] [She announces her policies and the benefits to the industry in Southern Ohio] [Billy Cunningham, the talk show host of 707-WLW talks about his commitment to the Republican Party] [Congresswoman Jean Schmidt thanking Jacob] [This picture looks a little odd, but she had actually given me a hug and was pulling back when this picture was taken. Kyle is in the background] [Thanking the supporters]
Well, yet another Republican victory.