Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Soccer Adventures & Kings Island Pics

Soccer Adventures Rebecca and I go for a pick-up soccer game here in Cincinnati, which is quite a lot of fun. There are some really cool people, and it's fun running around for a good couple of hours. Anyway, today was an interesting day (in an interesting sorta way). I was trying to tackle a guy who probably was a lot bigger than me, and we both kicked the ball at the same time. As a result, I was thrown on the ground. Quite violently, too. I tried balancing up when the ball came towards me again, which I kicked. But the other guy kicked too, just that he kicked me and not the ball. He did prove to me that gravity works, though. And then I plonked quite unceremoniously to the ground (you know, the whole gravity thing), and I tried minimizing my fall with my left hand. Which, by the way, was really, really stupid. I ended up hyperextending my elbow, which has been screwed quite badly. Really, really screwed. Really, really badly. The next thing I remember is Rebecca holding me on the sidelines and telling me to ease up. The good news is, I scored a goal!

["Did you hear that, Marge? He scored a goal! He scored a GOAL! I'm so proud of you!"]
The bad news is, my arm hurts. But hey! That's life. Anyway, there were some funnies at the game that were quite priceless, and here they are for your reading pleasure.
Jerry (after missing a goal by a tiny margin): You know, I was this > < close to getting it in. TJ: I bet that's what he tells his wife, too. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- TJ (in a strong Turkish accent): No one can ever score a goal when I'm the goalie, trust me! Jamie: Yeah, right. TJ: I'm serious! When I'm here, you all better do defence or midfield. No forward or offence, because you're never going to get the ball in. Jamie: Do you want to bet your money on it? TJ: Sure, how much? Jamie: Nah, I left my wallet in my car. TJ: Bah. I'll do a chicken dance! Jamie: Bah. Two minutes later, Jamie scored a goal. TJ did not do a funky chicken dance! Bah! --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- TJ (tackling me): Leave it to me! Me: Huh?! Leave it to you? Not on your life. *I try passing it to someone and fail miserably as TJ intercepts me* TJ: Thanks! Sally: You aren't married yet, are you? I mean, the kids and stuff? Gee, thanks folks!
Ofcourse, as always, Becky gets the most priceless of statements - but before that, I'll introduce you to Mr. D, who happens to be a big, smart fella in the office, quite literally and figuratively. Anyway, I ask her if she ever puts her car top down. Mind you, lads - this is a girl who drives a Z3 BMW Convertible, but never - I swear, never - puts the top down. I've obviously asked her this before, ofcourse. So, she looks at me with a raised eyebrow and tells me, "You know, you asked that in front of D this morning, I wonder what he thought." Me: "You mean, take your top off?!" She: "Yes!" It took me a good couple of minutes to understand what the hell she was talkin' about. Ouch? Yes, I know. But oh wait, there's more - I change my clothes at Beck's place for the soccer games, so she has the habit of throwing my clothes (which I sometimes forget at her place) across my cubicle. In front of just about our whole team. Mostly, at least. So, this begs the obvious question, how did they end up with her in the first place? Well, duh! I changed at her house. Obvious, isn't it? Ofcourse it is, my dear reader. But not to the many sheeple we work with! x-( Given all this, I doubt if D (or anyone else) needs any more information to spin a spicy story. What do you think he thought, Beck?! Fortunately for us, D isn't the kind, simply because of who he is in the company. But it does amuse us, though! ;-) Kings Island Pics Well, ever since you've read about our adventures at Kings Island, you were probably wondering how cool and smashing we probably looked! Fear not! Here is your chance - here are some cool pics from Becca's cell-phone camera (they're low-res, sorry!).
[Rapunzel with a piratey lookin' hat on. Arrr!!] [Metlin with an idiot grin and a hat.] [Two monkeys and two hats are happy and fat. Okay, not so fat. Okay, okay! Skinny.] [Metlin, Spidey and Rapunzel are one happy little family living in the trees and eating candy. Or at least, in Kings Island. But they eat candy, though. Lots of candy!]
Well, that's about it! Stay tuned, y'all. And oh, eat candy and play with Spidey!