Friday, July 29, 2005

A Series of Very Fortunate Events

Wednesday 27th July, 2005 12:19 PM - Jacob and I begin writing up the business plan for Highbrew Technologies, Inc. 3:04 PM - Andrew, Jacob and I decide to register Highbrew Technologies, Inc. and wrap up the paperwork. 6:37 PM - We register Highbrew Technologies, Inc., a Delaware based corporation that provides technology products and services across various domains and verticals. 8:22 PM - A skeletal business plan is written and we discuss the logistics of the US operations. Thursday 28th July, 2005 1:01 AM - Jacob wins a hand at a game of poker. I get back my money, he gets back twice his money. 2:41 AM - I finish designing the business cards and letterheads for Highbrew Technologies, Inc. 11:43 AM - We give the templates for our business cards to Kinko's in downtown Cincinnati. 2:07 PM - Highbrew Technologies, Inc. is formally a Delaware based US technology corporation. On a related note, I still hold firm the belief that stealth mode startups rock. 4:34 PM - Emily calls me about plans for the evening - Jacob and I were supposed to spend the evening with Emily and Stacey. 5:05 PM - Jacob gets the business cards from Kinko's while I flirt with a particularly cute girl working there. 6:02 PM - Our plan with Emily and Stacey gets cancelled while Jacob and I hit Charming Billy's Tavern for a drink of beer and business. Tough luck. 6:38 PM - We hit Dana's Pub & Grill for another round of drinks and business. Tough luck. 7:34 PM - Work to be done at Xavier University, but amidst everything we manage to get our business plan in shape. 9:02 PM - Soupie's is an excellent bar, and Jen is a sweet bartender. Jacob befriends a spanish speaking dude, while I get the bartender's number. 9:09 PM - Jen makes me drink a Sex with an Alligator. I'm reminded of my childhood days when I'd say A for Alligator, while the other kids said A for Apple. Jacob has an Upside-down Pineapple Cake. Our Spanish friend has a Coors light. 9:18 PM - Erica comes by. So does Mike. Business negotiations begin. 11:05 PM - Random chick hits on me. At any other time, I'd have given anything to get the number of a girl like that. But sometimes, business comes before pleasure. I tell her I'll be back and get back to the negotiating table. Friday 29th July, 2005 12:14 AM - Highbrew Technologies, Inc. strikes its very first business deal within 12 hours of its inception. 12:15 AM - Random chick is gone from the bar. 12:44 AM - Jacob and I head down to IHOPs for our first meal in 14 hours. 12:47 AM - I hold the door open for two random cute girls. We're all waiting to be seated and the waitress asks if we're together. The girls giggle and say yes. Jacob and I are surprised but happy to join. 1:02 AM - We get an extremely dumb waitress. To make up for that, we get two extremely cute girls for company. Better yet, we find that Melissa is funny, Andrea is funnier. 1:50 AM - The girls like us. We like the girls. We all decide we should all hang out sometime. Phone numbers are exchanged. More giggles and blushes happen. 2:31 AM - Me and Jacob are done for the day. I get a message from Andrea. We're all hanging out tomorrow. 2:34 AM - My hands are shaking while I type this blog entry.