Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Attacks - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

A series of bombings shook London today. Not one, not two. But four. Four coordinated attacks all across the London transport system shook the entire subway and transport system, bringing everything to a standstill, killing many and injuring several more. The world leaders of the world's most powerful countries are out there at the G8 Summit, discussing ways to solve poverty and the world's climate. But that does not matter now, does it? You don't really care. All you care about what your Voice in the Sky tells you to do. All you care is about blowing people up to make a point. This is what the self-styled Michael Moore-ish kind of liberals forget, the ones that want to talk peace with these jihadis - the fundamentalists do not care about appeasement or accomodation or pity or sympathy. All that they care about is that they hate you because you are not like them. They attacked before there was an Iraq or before there was an Afghanistan. Why? Because that's what they do. But wait, let's talk it out with them, you say! Let's negotiate. Peace? Discussions? You don't understand, do you? You don't negotiate with barbarians. I mean, sure - let's look back at history, how did World War II end? We all sat around in a big round table discussing how we can all be nice to each other, right? Ofcourse we did, while six million Jews and countless others across the world were slaughtered. Until we realized it was too late, and acted. Or the Gulf War. Or any other war. You can talk with people with some semblance of a human brain. You don't talk to animals. Or barbarians. Terrorism is one of the most abonimable crimes ever. Islamic fundamentalists are beyond hope, beyond any semblance of civility that the West can comprehend. Beyond any sense of civility that any human being can comprehend. They kidnap Egyptians - who're their own kin - and kill them. Why? Because they were not "fundamentalist" enough. France was shocked that they would kidnap and kill their people. The French said, but, but we're not like them - we're not like the Americans or the British, we did not support the war on Iraq! Do you think they care? They do not. All they care is that you are not them, and that makes you their enemy. You're all the West. You're all immoral in their eyes. If you do not chain your women and cover them up from head to toe, or if you do not grow a flowing beard and pray five times a day, if you do not slaughter a sacrificial lamb in a barbaric ritual, you're not them. And if you are not them, they do not care. Look at any part of the world - Islamic fundamentalists are fighting everyone everywhere. They're fighting the Christians in the US, UK, Russia and several other parts of the world. They're fighting the Jews in Israel. And they're fighting the Hindus in India. Islamic fundamentalism and civilization cannot coexist. It is us versus them, for real. One of the two has to go. I hope it's Islamic fundamentalism.