Friday, July 22, 2005

Baseball Games & Other Fun Things

They say it's always good to start things off with a joke, but I'll do better -- here are two: *Me ogling at the poster of a particularly pretty chick in a particularly sexy lingerie* Me: Wow! *Jen looks at me, looks at the picture and shakes her head in approval* Jen: I'd do her! And ofcourse, there are three things that live in Rebecca's house - she, her cat and her cake (lately, I've also come to realize that there are several other life forms in the process of evolving in her refrigerator, such as her salsa). Anyway, the past week has been, hmm, let's just say intensive. I've come to the zen realization that the work hard, party harder thing is not as easy as I imagined it to be! *insert surprised smiley* So last Friday, new seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis premiered, so being the geek I'm, I decided that this would definitely be a lot more important than meeting new people and exercising my (albeit inexistant) social skills. To sum it up, SG-1 sucked, Atlantis rocked and BSG was interesting. ...Cue to Saturday So, after a nice boring Friday, I decided that taking over the world would be a nice thing to do on a Satuday. So, me and Rebecca sat down and tried building transceivers and other very geeky things which will help us in our laudable goal for world conquest. After a while, the geeky things got boring and Rebecca said that she'd never been to Hofbrauhaus, it ended up being a nice excursion to HB. After a fabulous time eating salad with funny sweet things in them at a restaurant in downtown whose name I forget, we headed to HB, where I introduced her to some nice Munich Weizen and she introduced me to Redheaded Sluts. The rest of the evening was fairly benign, except for a few kittens that I killed.

[The kittens are evil and must be killed]
...Cue to Monday So, it was Monday yet again, which was good and bad. Good because I'd a baseball game planned and bad because I'd a demo to be shown to some very important people. Anyway, the demo went fairly well and it was time for the game. But a game isn't all that much fun if you went all sober and boring. So, Lara, me and Chris met up Jacob, Kyle and Erica at a nice little Irish hangout. What was this hangout called? O'Malley's ofcourse. If you are not a Stargate fan, you can completely ignore the reference. Anyway, after Lara's education on the drinking habits of lawyers, it was time for the game. It was the Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds and it was a fairly fun game.
Fortunately, the Cubs won and we were all extremely pleased, indeed. We had a great time, with funny bear like mascots lifting Erica, Jacob pouring beer over the balcony and doing things he'd never admit to, unless ofcourse the security cameras find out. ...Cue to Tuesday So, I wake up with an extremely bad headache on Tuesday, and decide that no further consumption of the blessed liquid nor sitting out in the sun cheering for a bloody team is worthwhile. However, by the afternoon, sufficient quantities of advil, water, coffee and Emily had convinced me otherwise. Soon thereafter, I found myself at Emily's place where there was a lady's night out, and from there me, Emily, Jacob and his sister found our way to the second game of the series - yes, I know. Fortunately, I was smart enough not to overdo things, which proved to be a good thing the next day morning. And ofcourse, the Cubs won. ...Cue to Wednesday So, it's the middle of the week. Usually by this time of the week, people hate the week and me being most people, I was glad to do so too. This was further helped by the fact that for the past couple of days, I would work for 10 hours, party for 7 hours and sleep for all of 5 hours. You must remember that the remaining time goes out to various other activities, such as talking to my Fiendetta! Anyway, Wedneday evening seemed to loom above my tiny head and Rebecca felt that it would be a good day to play soccer. But nope. Once you've had the bittersweet taste of partying, it's hard to let go. Which was not really a bright idea, as you would soon find out. So, not only did I decide to go ahead and do stupid things with myself once again, I also made sure that Jenna and Rebecca came along. So, we once again hit O'Malley's with Jacob and his friend Chris, and tried drinks that went by names such as Bad Habit and Purple something (hey! don't blame me, I was drunk, for cryin' out loud!). Which was followed up by - yup - the third series of the ball game, between the Cubs and the Reds. Why would I want to do that? Who knows, maybe that's what I do. Anyway, once we felt that we were sufficiently inebriated, we headed to the game. The game went for a long time, and so did the beer drinking. The game got over, the Cubs lost (surprisingly!) and we headed back. After much contemplation, it was decided that driving back immediately would not be a very bright idea, so it was followed up with a time of sobering up, during the process of which we had some very insightful discussions on life and things like that. And for the night, I ended up crashing at Jen's place, and once we were home, we realized that we didn't have to drive anymore. Which meant ofcourse, more partying! Which was a very, very bad idea. Why? Because I had a talk to give the next day at Convergys Labs on all the cool new things I've been working on, and here I was partying at 3 in the morning. ...Cue to Thursday Since my clothes were quite stained from all the partying the previous night, I walked in the next day morning into my house in Jenna's trackshorts and sorority tee. Wearing my work boots. Isn't that a sight? Fortunately, my roomie Justin didn't say a word. Maybe he's used to seeing this, but hopefully he didn't think I was a fairy! =) So anyway, I wasn't sure what clothes I should wear, and asked my beloved compadre Jen what she thought of my mildly pink striped shirt (which looks particularly good on me, if I might add). Me: But pink for a talk!? Jen: Duh! You're wearing my pink sorority top right now, stop making a fuss and get ready soon!!!! x-( Ofcourse, the talk went fairly well and everybody thought I was the coolest kid on the block. There were other issues, but I'll not bore all you fine readers of my blog with those things. So now, I had decided that after the three previous nights, I would not want to party today. Nope, none whatsoever. But then again, we had watched three consecutive games of the Cubs vs. Reds, so we figured that we might as well watch the whole series. Except that it was a day game. And on that particular day, the Sun decided that it would be really, really mean. Half hour after my talk, I found myself changing into shorts and me and Jen headed to the game. In the middle of a Thursday. When it was over 100 F. (yes, I know) At this point, I must tell you readers that this was not one of the "brighter things we've done", in Jen's words. Jen was dressed in her work clothes, so she ended up buying a particularly tiny pair of shorts for the game (and she is not even a Reds fan!). At the end of the seventh innings, it was 5 -4 and we were sure that the Cubs were going to win. Besides, it was too hot and we weren't really all that interested in staying there for long. We get back to work, and what do we see? We find out that it's 5-7 and the Reds were leading. That was totally unforseen, and we'd missed it. But hey, at least we weren't boiled away to glory. Later, we heard that the Reds had thrashed the Cubs, which was really unfortunate. Ofcourse, at this point, we had quite literally stopped caring. So, after nearly a full week of partying, I'd come to the conclusion that it is usually a good idea to sleep for at least one night in a week, which is what I proceeded to do. But then again, it's Friday and I've slept enough to last me an entire week. Besides, I've some more partying planned for the day! And the next time I complain about a headache, remind me to tell you about a particular tee that O'Malley's sells.