Sunday, July 24, 2005

Asimov Cover Art

I was recently going through one of the many archives I'd collected over the years, and I came across these fine pictures. They are a collection of cover art from Isaac Asimov's books through the years. (Update: A quick search has revealed that all this cover art was done by Michael Whelan) I've also included a brief description right next to the pictures just so that you've some idea what each one is about.

[Trantor, the Capital of the erstwhile first Galactic Empire. I just felt that it would be appropriate to start off the entry with Trantor's picture.] [Arkady, from the Second Foundation] [Elijah Baley and R. Daneel Olivaw in the Caves of Steel] [Hari Seldon from the Foundation] [Golan Trevize at the Founder's Statues in Foundation and Earth] [The cover of I, Robot. I would imagine that this is probably Robbie and Gloria Weston.] [The Mule from the Foundation and Empire and the Second Foundation] [Elijah Baley examining an arrow in The Naked Sun] [Planet Nightfall] [R. Giskard Reventlov meets Elijah Baley in Robots and Empire] [Giskard in Robots of Dawn]
The following pictures are tributes to Asimov, from his Robot friends and other entities. My favorites are ofcourse those where Asimov is surrounded by Giskard.
And finally, a fitting tribute to the greatest master of science fiction.
[Isaac Asimov and Giskard]
Dear Dr. Isaac Asimov, Thank you for all the fantastic stories, thank you for stirring my imagination and thank you for making an engineer and a half decent scientist out of me. But more than anything, thank you for making my childhood enjoyable.