Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Adventures with Jenna

So, we have this presentation that needs to be done on the Professional Services Group at Convergys, which is all fine and dandy. To that end (and to meet my fellow interns and co-workers), we sit on big chairs and conduct boring meetings and draft jazzy presentations, and pretend to do interesting work. But in the unlikely case that it was not obvious, this task is extremely boring and joyless. In fact, it makes staring at a wall seem interesting, and challenging even. Until ofcourse you meet cool people and have a good time with them. To ensure that the "having a good time" happens, me and Jenna (my newest cool friend who's so cool that she makes me look like hot salsa) decided to, err, work on our "corporate bondings" and "social skills" at the hangouts in downtown. Suffice it to say that after a couple of drinks at the Happy Hour of the Havana Martini Club, we came to some awesome conclusions about life, people and each other. We followed it with a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant where we met monks who had undergone deep meditation and grown hair-buns, encountered alien kidnappings, incorporeal possessions, spaceships and things of such great import. Ofcourse, our dinner was equally delightful and over a fine glass of Chardonnay, I asked Jenna if she was buzzed already (if you must know the answer, no). Two minutes later, we were discussing her driving to Chicago for the weekend. And ofcourse, my plans for the friday night. At this point, my dear reader, you must understand that I'm from Georgia. So, my tiny little brain was under the impression that we were still in Georgia. Whether it was the martinis, the wine or the splendid and dazzling company, I do not know - but I told Jenna that it would be a long drive, a very long drive. About fourteen hours in all. She just looks at me funny and reminds me that we're in Ohio, not in Georgia. Very politely ofcourse! Never mind. Five minutes and a few bites later (and a few laughs later, too - at the alien abduction stories going on at the monk-table beside us), the topic drifted to "activities" on the Friday night. Mind you, this was the middle of the week - Wednesday. Bang in the middle of the week. Friday is two days away, two long days. And our corporate presentation which we were "working" on is on Friday. So is another very important presentation on some very important thing with some very important people (I know, I could make a career out of being vague). And so, except for the evening part of Friday, there is absolutely nothing to look forward to this Friday. But in a blinding flash of insight that is clearly indicative of the sheer genius that my Mom mistakenly thought me to be capable of as a kid, I thought Friday was the day after Wednesday. I'm not kidding you. Why? I do not know. Well, at that point, it seemed to be the thing to say. Now, let's rewind a little - to the part where I asked Jenna if she was buzzed. After having just proven to her that I have no clue where I was or what day of the week it was, Jenna looks at me with a puzzled look and says, "You're the one who thinks we're in Georgia and that tomorrow's friday, but I'm supposed to be drunk?" Priceless, eh? (Yeah, now I think I'm in Canada) Anyway, a while later, we decide to talk about more interesting things. Particularly our working hours. Ofcourse, unlike me, who's a slacker that sits and IMs, surfs the web and listens to music all day, Jenna does real work. Actual work. But unfortunately, she works long hours, and is quite positively sober (and dismayed) in the mornings. She has the look on the face that could basically be summed up as, WTF, Mate?! So, I ask her the zen question for the reason behind all this mystique. And Jenna goes, "I have a 2nd shift body - I'm with it from 3 to 3 but not so much in the morning if it's not bar time." Yeah, I know. And she also makes cute bunny rabbit sounds.