Saturday, July 09, 2005

Adventures On Yet Another Friday

So, this Friday was getting to be pretty boring, except for the fact that me and Rebecca had a nice Banana Split to celebrate a perfectly nice and short week. And ofcourse I watched while she shopped and tried on some pretty-looking girly clothes. I was about to give up hope on the evening being any fun, when Jacob calls me and decides that we definitely ought to do something interesting. Unfortunately, it was a little too early to be hitting the hangouts, so me and Jacob just decided to chill for a while and made ourselves a couple of drinks and some pizza and sat watching some mindless entertainment (, if you must know). And incidentally, Swordfish brought up an interesting concept (if you can get past the technobabble bullshit) -- maybe there should be a real Swordfish of sorts, something that teaches anybody who messes with freedom and liberty a lesson or two (think Islamofascists who need their butt kicked).

Anyway, after that and several episodes of , we decided to hit the Beer Sellar, since they usually have good bands playing on Friday nights. For the uninitiated, I've some excellent memories of the Beer Sellar. The first time I was brought here, Rebecca force-fed me rasberry flavored beer right on my first week in Cincinnati. The second time I was here, I was surprised I could converse in any form of humanly understandable-communication whatsoever. After which I proceeded to go to a party at Chris' place (to understand the true implications of what this means, my dear reader, you should really, really get to know Chris - and you should really, really look up the term beer pong). Anyway, given all that, I was quite assured that I would have a good time this time around. For a while, we sat out there, looking at the Ohio river and all the pretty boats go by. I imagined that unlike my past experiences at this joint, this Friday evening was going to be pretty boring - but that wasn't meant to be. Which was good in a very semi-masochistic kind of way. While we sat there contemplating the poor quality of Honey Brown on the tap, there was a pretty lass sitting across from us who asked us for a light. Ofcourse, she did have company, but that would not stop us now, would it? After several lights and chit-chats later (where she referred to her companions as idiots), Jacob's blindingly insightful mind came to the conclusion that she was hitting on me. Well, this is not unusual, I get hit on all the time, everywhere I go (while I'm at it, I must also mention that my coolness outranks that of any human male ever born). Anyway, I wasn't really sure what I should do, so I was contemplating how best to stop myself from making a fool of myself. So, we went ahead and told her that we would be leaving soon. A few hugs later, we decided to take some time off and play some pool - which, btw, I won - not because of my superior pool playing skills but because Jacob misplayed the Eigth Ball shot. So I decided to go pay my new friend a visit one last time (who by this time had acquired the name of Amy). I was also hoping to God that her last name was not Shaftoe (if you did not get the reference, do not even bother). I would have made a smashing version of Randy, though. Back to where we were, the moment Amy's cute friend sees us, she nudges Amy indicating that we were heading her way. Amy was leaving at that point of time, and Jacob stongly and very definitely felt that I should get her number. The whole now-or-never thing. Now, mind you, I'm hardly the kind of guy who takes numbers from random girls at the bar. Well, not always anyway. Okay, not that often anyway (anybody know if the Bible counts lies on blogs as sins?). Fortunately for us, her dork of a guy friend seemed to have temporarily left the table, and Jacob engaged her friend, while we signalled Amy to come to us. And ofcourse, using my infinite charms and the like, I managed to ask her if she'd want to hang out sometime. She was delighted ofcourse, and she gave me her number, adding a few cuddly cute expressions along the way. (Tip to guys looking to pick up women at bars - pop a random question and follow it up with a can-I-have-your-number routine. Works everytime. Like a charm.) And guess what? It turned out to be a 404 number. The lass is from good ole' Atlanta. Yup. Down south, boys. Buckhead. Now that we'd done our deeds for the night, it was time to have some fun. So, me and Jacob wrapped up our drinks at the Beer Sellar and headed to . Now, Arthur's is a really nice place - your typical American pub with typical American crowd and typical American food and typical American drinks. Well, okay, the last one wasn't necessarily typical American (for instance, they serve real beer, not water). The thing was, we went in to Arthur's at about 1:30 AM, so that we could hang out with the crowd. Not the crowd that visits Arthur's, but the crowd that works at Arthur's. At this point, you must understand something - people in the services industry (waiters, bartenders) are some of the nicest, warmest and most fun folks ever. EVER! And when they unwind, boy! Do they unwind or what! Besides, it's always fun to know the locals when they can get you that nice drink and an espresso after 2 AM (you cannot have alchohol after 2 AM in Hyde Park). So, there we were, a whole lot of us - about 15 in all - most of whom worked at Arthur's. We all hung out and did really stupid things, things you're never gonna find out (and even if you did, things you're never going to believe, so why bother). We had flaming shots, we had people falling on the floor, I had folks give me some drunken but heartwarming tips on when I should call Amy, there were people who thought the beer was water and the water was beer and so on and so forth. Your typical American friday night out. By the time all this was done, it was a miracle that I was able to hold a humanly understandable conversation. Actually, it was a miracle that I did not find myself awake in a park trailer somewhere this morning, but that's besides the point. The point is, well, there is no point. But I did have fun. Yes, that is the point. Or maybe not. Anyway! I go home, and find myself to be quite lushed. Which would be an understatement, by the way. But my adventures of the day were not meant to be over, yet. A few minutes later, I find myself in a heated conversation with , on several interesting topics such as world economics, politics and how mean people suck. Ofcourse, Allie was high for another reason and I was high thanks to my adventures, so suffice it to say that it was a very interesting conversation. What say you, girl? I do remember her accusing me severely of being a Bush-supporting right wing elitist capitalistic pig and of bringing up -esque references. I do not really remember when was it that I hit the bed, but I'm fairly certain that the sun was shinin' out bright and my head was pounding in a way that would inspire fright. So, to fill myself with delight, I went ahead and put out the light. And right at this moment, I'm having a fairly boring, sober Saturday evening, where I've been spending half the day at work (the first half was spent dealing with the whole headache thing). Yes, you read that right - work, my fellas. But fear not, my young minions! The night is still young! The stars are yet to be out yet, and the starlets shalt see the infinitely cool me swinging by their parties in just a while. And as always, me, Jacob and Chris have some party-crashing planned out for the evening. Which should be quite very exciting, if I might say so.