Sunday, June 19, 2005

Party Weekend

Party Weekend So, I've met up with these few other interns and folks from Xavier during the course of the week - we were busy engaging in diverse intern bonding during the weekend at parties and clubs. Friday was a blast, when we all ended up going to Hofbräuhaus in Newport and ofcourse the good ole' Beer Sellar. Hofbräuhas has this fantastic drink called Hofbräu Munich Weizen, served in a humongous stein that'll take you a good half hour to drink up.

And ofcourse, Saturday night was the party night at Chris' place, where I played games you're better off not knowing (and losing, ofcourse). I was supposed to go to a Reds Game (which they lost, too) and the Indy F1 Grandprix, but hey it's Sunday and I've a headache or two to handle. So forgive me while I go about slamming mugloads of coffee into my pea brain.