Monday, June 06, 2005

Fun, Frolic and Highbrew Sweden

Memorial Day Fun So it has been a while since I updated ya'll fine folks. For Memorial Day, some Highbrew folks had come down and we'd driven down to Lake Eerie for the weekend. We had a fabulous time with some really weird and stupid incidents, none of which I'd ever admit to on a public blog. Lake Eerie is simply fabulous. We rode around in bikes and tiny little golf carts. I tried bringing home a branch off a tree, and made friends with the girl at the Kroger counter in a small town. It could have been the other way around, but I wouldn't tell you. I also realized that I could be evil in a bar-fight, and that you people should be vewy vewy scared of me. Internship Updates Well, looks like Phil is leaving. Someone's paying him really huge sums of money to work on cool stuf and he hopes to make millions out of it and retire amongst loons. Well, in Minnesota at least. So, Rebecca got this awesome ice-cream cake for Phil -- black rasberry with chocolate and marshmallow cream -- which was kept in the freezer. Unfortunately, she could not cut it and looked at me for bright ideas. My insanely awesome intellect was at work and I suggested that she microwave it. I expected some kinda "Duh!" look. Nope. She looks at me, and says a typical, Rebbecca trademarked "Oohkaay!" and goes ahead and microwaves it. Stop looking at me funny, dammit! Hey, the cake was all fine and dandy and we even got around cutting it. Anyway, that's that. Back to the topic at hand, Phil took us all to the neighbourhood bar last Friday, in the hope of getting us drunk (a laudable goal, you must understand). So there are these two other interns - Andrew and Anindita, who work with me. Who're equally loony as me or Rebecca. As always, yours truly was chatting up with the bartender (who had a German last name, which I could barely understand even though she showed me her drivers license, but who did not speak any German :-/). Five minutes later, Andrew still hadn't decided what kinda beer he was gonna have when someone remarked that Andrew is getting married. Cheers were passed all around, and the bartender looked at Andrew in all seriousness and remarked, "Are you sure you're getting married in a month? You've trouble deciding your beer, for cryin' out loud!" Oh God, that woman deserved a drink more than anyone else that evening. Anyway, after that Rebecca drove me home. Ofcourse, before that we looked at pink and lavender shoes in some shopping mall whose name I was too lushed to know. Highbrew Teknologier Sverige Ladies and gentlemen, Välkomna till Highbrew Sverige -- Welcome to Highbrew Sweden.

Highbrew Teknologier är ett företag baserat i London med kontor och konsulenter i London, Indien och USA. Företaget är ett globalt samarbete skapat av enterprenörer med flera års erfarenhet inom teknologisk industri och tillhandahåller konsultverksamhet i Nordamerika, Asien och nu även i Sverige.
Here's to the folks at Highbrew Sweden -- Karthik Jayaraman, Alexander Tosic & Max Tosic!