Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cincinnati Updates, Shor's Algorithm & New Website Peek

Cincinnati Updates "In Arkansas, there're just three numbers - one, two and a shitload" - Mike (a.k.a my boss) Cincinnati is getting hotter. Not in the sense that an Englishman would say, but in the sense that a normal human being who feels the heat and humidity would. Okay, a normal human being of the male kind. For some odd reason, Rebecca thinks that the weather is beautiful (and honestly, this seems to be an affliction shared by many women). It's 95F with humidity so lousy that you cannot even step out, and to make things interesting we're all dressed in dandy business formals all day. Nope. 95F is fine and dandy lad, I tell ya'. Her responses are simply awe-inspiring. Me: God, it's so hot. Rebecca: What do you mean!? You're not supposed to feel hot, hell I'm from Texas and I don't feel hot. (Around this point, Andrew has a scowl on his face which means that he's either contemplating making some unpleasant noise out of the nearest available object or say something incredibly stupid. Actually, he never says anything stupid, he just makes you feel that he is saying something stupid.) Me: But I _am_ hot! (even Andrew mumbles something along those lines...) Rebecca: Bah! Ya'll are wussies. Can we eat out? I need to feel the sun. (and right about now, we're desperately trying to change the topic from having to eat out in the sun) Me: You can't say ya'll! You aren't from the South. Rebecca: Ofcourse I can. I'm from Texas, what do you think? (She's from Virginia, but she'll never tell you that unless you ask her. And ofcourse, I dare not say anything - she just went to a Jujitsu competition in Indianapolis this weekend and kicked some butts and gave a few CA swimsuit models some wedgies and won medals and tees for the pig. You go, girl! ) Anyway, at this point, the argument has drifted towards wedgies and barfights, and I ask her in all eagerness: Me: So, Becca, if we were in a bar and I was in a barfight, you'd use your l33t Judo & Jujitsu skills and save my butt, right? Rebecca (very eagerly): No, I'll just kick the crap outta ya' so that you can't do anything stupid. Kill me. Please. Shor's Algorithm This ought to have been splashed all over the place, but it's not. I'll just reproduce it from my Slashdot journal: A very crucial step in the procedure of decrypting today's commonly used encryption codes by Quantum Computers has been demonstrated by physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). According to a paper which was published in this month's Science, physicists at NIST were able to demonstrate a quantum version of Fourier Transform using electromagnetically trapped beryllium ions as qubits. This is a big step in Quantum Computing as well as its applications, since the quantum version of FT is the most crucial and final step in Shor's algorithm -- an algorithm for finding the "prime factors" of large numbers -- the prime numbers that when multiplied together produce a given number. Paper abstract available here. Unfortunately, the method is semi-classical in nature. They've used Beryllium ion based qubits, so that would bring about a certain amount of lag. But I'd imagine that they're trying to get away from the use of the liquid, particularly to avoid problems in scalability. *enough geeky stuff* Weekend & Highbrew Updates So, for the weekend, Andrew and I met up and did useless things (driving around, buying some clothes, watching a flight show, you know). I even met up with his fiancee, Kristen; the lad seems benign in front of her. Imagine this - Andrew is the kinda guy who's obsessed with fiddling with and making unpleasant noises out of just about anything. This includes everything from a cup of Irish cream, a mug of beer, his napkin or his mouse. And it's generally a bad idea to feed him on anything other than a styrofoam cup. Including solid food ("I'm just American, don't look at me funny"). Ofcourse, everytime he does make some noise, there are usually unpleasant looks exchanged. Anindita looks at him with a, "please don't kill the kittens" look, hoping to dissuade him. Rebecca tries snatching things from him (which never works, because he keeps finding something new to make noises out of). Ofcourse, Kristen looks through him with a look that says, "Dude, do that again and we'll see about that later." And boy, the lad just sobers down. Ofcourse, he proceeds to say such innocous things as, "I'm hungry" or "I need beer", but that's about it. Wow is all I can say. But ofcourse, he's charming - he holds the regional record of having sold the highest number of credit cards at Structure in one week - 22. So there, he's not a dork. At least not completely. =) Anyway, now that ya'll know who Andy is, you should know that I introduced Andy to Parthy (who is one of the guys heading Highbrew UK) and the two got along swell. Hopefully, Andy will join us sometime down the line. Highbrew's New Look Not much to say here, we're working on reworking our website and adding more content, demos and the like. More pretty pictures and those snappy little diagrams, too. Anyway, here's a peek:

So, hopefully that'll go gold in just a while. Will keep all you fine folks updated. That's about for the week. I shall now go back to my incredibly exciting and challenging life of staring at walls.