Monday, May 02, 2005

Large Search Company, Dairibina & DNAegis

One of my cousins passed away yesterday, so I've been in a general-depression of sorts. I just hope her folks are holding up, it really sucks to lose people. :-/ Large Search Company Well, I received a mail from a particularly large (and arguably #1) search company (whose name I shall not disclose, but hey, they're said to be a GOOOOOOOOOOOOD dream company) if I'm interested in opportunities with them. Hmm, that is an interesting proposition, is it not? Ofcourse, the question now is whether I'm interested in jobs in Computer Science (no matter how lucrative) or in Physics (no matter how bad), or if I should concentrate on entrepreneurship. Ah, choices, choices. Dairibina No new updates here, I'm afraid - except for maybe this - DNAegis Ah, now this is something. For a while now, we at Highbrew Technologies have been working on solutions in Bioinformatics and related areas. To this end, we've launched Highbrew DNAegis - a branch of our R&D at Highbrew Labs, aimed at product solutions in bioinformatics. At the moment, we've sneak previews of two products - DNAegis Processor, a tool aimed at optimizing sequence manipulation and DNAegis GMVT, or Gene-sequence Manipulation & Visualization Toolkit.

For more information, visit And as always, inputs and suggestions are not just welcome, they are encouraged! :-) Cool Quaternion I rendered this cool Quaternion the other day - the mathematical details are boring, except that it is very, very complicated.
Well, okay. Maybe not that interesting. Oh well. Such is life.