Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cincinnati & Convergys, More Fermilab and a Highbrew Sweden

Cincinnati & Convergys Well, I'm in Cincinnati. One word to describe the city - boring. It's a picturesque place with the Ohio River and a bunch of bridges, but it's absolutely boring and bland otherwise. People don't get out and there isn't much of a life. Whatsoever. This place probably makes a lot of sense if you have a family with 5 kids to raise, but if you're a bachelor, you'd better be prepared to spend your weekends doing, err, nothing. But work is exciting. In fact, it is quite simply fabulous! I like Convergys, and there is a lot of fun stuff to be done. The city is so boring and the work is so much interesting that I go at 8 in the morning at stay until 8 in the evening. Beat that. Anyway, the road-trip with Lauren was a lot of fun. A piece of warning - Tennessee and Ohio have a lot of cops. Kentucky has none. Well, okay - we saw all of two cops and one was in a gas station munching on doughnuts (am not even kidding!). But Kentucky does have a lot of fields and animals - horses, cows (all kinds, spotted, brown, black, white etc - if you're into that sorta thing). Cincinnati isn't any better, it just has a lot of buildings and since my work is in downtown in the financial district, I get to see some semblance of civilization on a daily basis. And oh, I also dress like half a penguin on most days. Thought I'd hate it, but it turns out that I don't. I even have a french beard now (Lorenzo's response - "hahahaha! The French have no hairs growing, that's why it's called a french beard." Kuch bhi?!). Yeah, I know. But the beard was at the behest of a female companion who suggested that I might look a lot more serious with a beard and hence the beard. I also need to talk about my boring experience at Xavier, but that's for another day.

Yeah, that's where I work - Atrium One in downtown Cincinnati. More Fermilab Well, this is a little disappointing -- I was approached once again by Fermilab asking me if I was interested for this summer. I simply cannot leave this place and go to Fermilab, as much as I wish I could. Fermilab is a dream-come-true of sorts, it's the second largest particle accelerator, for cryin' out loud! On the bright side, I'm glad I'm not Sujoy. He's going to Google in August and Intel Labs in summer, and JPL has offered him a position. Ah, now that would be a tough choice. Anyway, that's that. Highbrew Sweden Well! Some exciting news - Highbrew Europe is exploring opportunities in Sweden. We've gotten some excellent leads and it looks like things would be working out. To this end, I'd like to welcome aboard Alexander Tosic, Max Tosic and my good friend Karthik Jayaraman, who would be working on making Highbrew Sweden a reality. More to come, stay tuned. Same technology brewery, different country.