Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Boring Cincinnati...not!

Well, I made this really insanely awesome new cool friend - Rebecca. She works with me and is one of the most amazing girls I've ever met. What more, she's _not_ stuffy (which is a big thing, trust me). Let's see, she's a computational linguist, wins medals in Judo and Jujitsu, flies and scuba dives, has a sense of humour paralleling HH Douglas Adams, is a geek, plays more instruments (and speaks more languages) than I can count, is a high soprano and is such an excellent sport and fun to be with. And oh, she owns a spankin' new BMW convertible (yay!) and has megatokyo, dilbert and geeky coding ninja monkey stickers in her cubicle (amongst other things such as a pink flying pig and birds stolen from Phil (who probably has more patents than the letters in his name), but that's another story). And to make things more interesting, we exchange insanely weird emails with unparalleled content, ain't that somethin'? She even took me out to the bad ole' city (whose boredom factor has significantly come down since I met up with a few other interns (Andrew & Anindita) and Rebecca), including to a nice bar called Beer Sellar (okay, she also force-fed me candy corn and rasberry flavoured beer and thinks am nuts for doing skydiving - but we shalt not venture there). Apparently, I'm her new "entertainment factor". Becca, you rock. Just keep up with the whole pink flying pigs, birds and frogs, lavender and other wierdness and you'll do just fine. =) (God, I've used way too may brackets, wonder why.) Update: Becca has an update on her blog, too! Yeehaw!