Friday, April 15, 2005

Melody Moore, Fermilab & Collaborative Anime

Talk on Brain Control Interfaces by Professor Melody Moore A couple of days ago, I'd attended an excellent talk by Professor Melody Moore on wetware. For those who're unaware of who she is, Professor Moore is one of the pioneers on Brain-Computer Interfaces. Her talk focussed on her work on non-invasive brain interfaces and brain based computer control mechanisms.

She had some cool stuff to show, including a coffee-making robot that was controlled by thought (of sorts). I can tell you folks this -- we truly do not know what intellect really is. And tomorrow, these technologies may guide our evolution down entirely unforseen evolutionary paths. I was truly amazed. Go geeks! Fermilab Well, this one turned out to be a disappointment. I thought I was going to make it to Fermilab this summer for an internship, but due to unforseen circumstances, it looks like I will not be.
I'd have really, really loved to go there -- in particular, Dr. Ruth Pordes' work seems to be extremely interesting. I mean, what could be more fun than working in the world's second largest particle accelerator laboratory? Collaborative Anime Inspired by DeviantArt, I've been exploring the concept of collaborative online communities in artforms of various kinds.
In particular, I'm looking at how Anime folks work and collaborate online. To this end, I've decided to make a small demo at Highbrew demonstrating a simple collaborative Anime website. The idea is to help Anime folks come together and work on art, storylines or simply hangout. Let's see how this goes. More to come, will keep you fine folks updated!