Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hacking Matter & Misc, Internship and More Dairibina Spoilers

Hacking Matter I recently laid my hands on the book, Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms by Wil McCarthy. While it is largely aimed at the masses, it does cover some pretty interesting stuff. The book primarily talks about Quantum Dots, which can be used to create simulations of just about any other material. It does have a lot of pop-sci, but it is also quite sound in its basic premise and basic science.

Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex As you all know, I'm a big fan of anime. While I've gobbled up Ghost in the Shell's two movies, I hadn't quite watched the TV series, the Standalone Complex. So, I sought to set that right and quite recently got myself the entire collection on DVD. I know, sometimes I just like to splurge on the most ridiculous of things. Oh well.
Japanese Culture Okay, I definitely blame this on Lorenzo. This is absolutely his influence, I'm sure of that now. I've been getting increasingly fascinated by Japanese culture. I have a friend by name Smitha, who actually did a minor in Japanese and is now headed there to teach. I guess she triggered it. And then, there is Lorenzo, who is Asian for all intents and purposes. For instance, he prefers eating Japanese food that fascinates even other Asians. Let's see, we were eating at Nickiemoto, a Japanese restaurant (yeah, I know). I tried out some Makimono Kappa (vegetarian version of sushi with cucumber in between), and Lorenzo tries out some version of Makimono with salmon eggs -- which turns to be Young's favourite. Hey, no surprise there. She is Korean, for cryin' out loud. But Lorenzo is European! He is supposed to be grossed out by stuff like that. Nope. (Btw, I didn't realize Wasabi could be that spicy. Damn! You could mistake that stuff for Avacado and get taken out on a freakin' stretcher.) Anyway, he is now learning Japanese. To read, write and speak. He reads more Manga and watches more Anime than a Japanese could shake his tiny plump finger at. And oh yeah, he plays Baduk (Go) and has challenged Young to a game (I'll not go into the fact that he has Go patterns from famous matches as his screensaver). Hell, he has Japanese swords in his house. Not one, but three. A whole damn set. Gee! Ah, well. Whatever helps him I suppose. All fine and dandy, none of my problem. Except that I'm actually beginning to enjoy Japanese food. And Anime. And Go. See? See the pattern? DAMN! Internship at Convergys Labs Well, I got the offer letter yesterday - I'll be interning this summer at Convergys Labs in Cincinnati, working on cool agents and stuff like that. Unless ofcourse, it turns out that I'm a crack-whore or a serial killer. Or something like that. So, let us see how that goes! Should be fun, I look forward to a great summer. =) More Dairibina Spoilers - Website Screenshots Dairibina is coming along quite nicely - here are some early sneak-peek screenshots at Dairibina's website. Yup, some of it has been inspired by a lot of websites.
Ah, well. Nothing fabulous, but the design had to take into account several things - particularly a way of suitably rating content for quality as well as other factors such as nature of content. Not to mention handling deviant behaviour, copyright issues and stuff like that. Anyway, stay tuned! :-) Cheers, folks.