Monday, April 18, 2005

Dairibina: An Online Community for Collaborative Japanese Manga & Animé

~Dairibina~ An Online Community for Collaborative Japanese Manga & Animé
Here are some spoilers - storyboard sketches of Dairibina, sketched by the excellent Young Mi Choi. Stay tuned for more details...
John, the CS geek John is an anime fan who watches Ghost in the Shell & and thinks of an idea. Inspired, John puts down his ideas on paper. John logs into Dairibina and uploads the newly created material. Anna, the manga fan Anna reads the Ghost in the Shell manga loves it. Anna searches for material on the Internet and finds John’s ideas on Dairibina. Excited about John’s ideas, Anna works on extending them further. Jenny, the arts & literature major Jenny, who has been a long-time fan of Ghost in the Shell, finds John’s & Anna’s ideas on Dairibina to be extremely interesting. Jenny joins in and writes a romantic story based on John & Anna’s creations. Rob, the action loving perfectionist metal-head Rob, who is an action loving anime fan discovers Jenny’s work. While he loves the technology, he feels that the story needs more action. So, Rob works on adding elements on action and fight sequences to Jenny’s work. Not to mention an excellent job of editing the final piece. John, Anna, Jenny, Michael, Tom, Dick, Harry & Dairibina Therefore, Dairibina helps all these folks come together and create content in the one thing that they all in common – their love for anime. Other anime fans of Ghost in the Shell also discover their works, and are glad to part-take in the creation process. However, that is not all… Michael, the publishing executive (and anime nerd) Michael, who works for an anime publishing house, discovers the works of John, Anna, Jenny and Rob on Dairibina. Quite obviously, Michael is in awe of the group's talent. Excited about their work, the publishing house offers John, Anna, Jenny, Rob and other contributors of the project an opportunity to work on a brand new anime project. Eventually, John & Anna even get married, just like in the anime stories. Unfortunately, their kids do not have superpowers.

And if you are wondering what Dairibina means.... In the Japanese Manga & Anime Ghost in the Shell created by Masamune Shirow, dolls are indicated to be representative of what humans cannot do – the darker sides of humanity that are somehow brought about in the dolls that we create. In the anime, dolls are represented by robots and machinations that are created by men for purposes that make one question that which makes us human. Dairibina is the Japanese name for representations of the emperor and empress dolls, those that care and govern the masks that we wear. To this end, Dairibina hopes to evolve into a care-taker of those that create the dolls that others may enjoy, in the form of manga and anime. Questions, comments, suggestions?