Sunday, March 20, 2005

Stargate Comics, Engineering Fish Equipment and Technology Product Ideas

Stargate Comics So there is this small little shop called Oxford Comics & Games here in Atlanta who're not particularly well known, but are quite famous among the comic afficondos and geeks. Tonnes of comics, puzzles and games, anime, books, DVDs, posters, cards, models and what not. I did not know this, but apparently the people who run that place are also comic book legends in their own right. Like Jennie Breeden of the Devil's Panties fame. Anyway, I go there and what do I find? Stargate Comics.

Gawdd! That's _so_ unfair. Anyway, I did not let unfairness get to me and went ahead and purchased Stargate: Prisoner of War (Prequel, Issues 1, 2 & 3), Stargate: Fall of Rome (Issues 1, 2 & 3) and Stargate: 2004 Convention Special. And oh, the Prisoner of War Issue 1 is the first issue and it's a Platinum Issue - one of only 1,000 copies printed. It even comes with a certificate saying so. Yay, I'm ecsastic.
Engineering Fish Equipment So, Lorenzo and Raffay buy a pump for the fish tank, and the geniuses put the pump where? Right into the water. =) Ofcourse, they aren't entirely to blame - it's not like that damn thing came with any good instruction manual or something. Anyway, today I sat up and opened up the pump in an attempt to fix it. And I actually managed to do it too, with some help from good old Larry. The mechanism was devastatingly simple - a solenoid constructed to behave like an alteranting electromagnet. This made a simple pump go up and down, which in turn pumped air. You folks ever realize kinda cool to fix something and see it work? Kinda felt neat ! Well, eitherway I'm glad that my engineering skills aren't entirely useless. =) Technology Product Ideas Well, so we (the we now is Highbrew we) are looking to explore a few new purely technology product ideas. Things that are absolutely geeky and oriented very strongly towards technology, middle-ware, products and that sort of stuff. Like something that will convert all existing unicode into a standard format that you specify. Or cool things to be done with XML. Or writing custom message queue apps for Databases. You get the idea. Any ideas and inputs welcome!