Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Seattle, Climbing Picture & Seismic Alarms

Seattle I just spent the last couple of days in Seattle - lovely city. It's one of the few cities that really charm me. Everytime I visit it, I come away happier. The only other city that does this to me is Santa Fe - another rich and beautiful city. If I were to ever settle down in a city in the US, it would be either of the two. Besides, the fact that both have plenty of mountains and rock country around that I can climb helps, too! Climbing Picture Just had this picture forwarded in the ORGT Rock climbing mailing list. Wow is all that I can say.

As someone on the list remarked, the use of the rubberband in the picture is a great and smart idea. I cannot put the technicalities better than a reader Mike did, I'm just reproducing his response:
I like the responsible use of a rubber band to reduce the shockload on the piece. The wire gate neutrino shows true class though, as the minimal gate weight will reduce any biner flutter induced by the oscillations of the biner/rubberband system, thereby keeping the gate in the much stronger "closed" state.
Whoever did this sure as hell does have great climbing class (and not to mention, experience). Seismic Alarms Adventures of yet another curious character.
"You know, the hotel I'm staying has an elevator with a big red button that says Seismic. I mean, come on. I'm a self-respecting geek with a curiosity exceeding my libido. So I pressed the button. And the whole damn place goes noisy with an alarm or something. What was I to do? Didn't know what to do, felt like an idiot. The receptionist whom I thought had a thing for me wasn't impressed ;-( She was like, it was bright red - how COULD you!? Ofcourse it was red. What was she thinking?! If you do NOT want someone to press a button, don't make it BRIGHT red. Duh! I mean, evil villains in movies do that. Don't press!?! How the bloody hell was I to know?! I was curious... can't blame a kid for being too curious now can you!? Perhaps it is the Evil-Villain gene in me. Perhaps I watch too much Austin Powers. Who knows? Worst part is that I did this in the middle of the night. She was like, ugh! I do not know what she thought. She probably thought, this kid has lost it. Come on, big red button that says Seismic - what do _you_ think you'd have done?!"
Oh yeah. Rich stuff. No guesses on who it is =)