Monday, January 31, 2005

Once upon a snowy day in Atlanta...

Atlanta has been hit by a snow-storm of sorts. Darn, makes life miserable. Anyway, that did not deter yours truly, the mighty warrior and his Spanish comrade, Lorenzo. So we went ahead and clicked some wonderful snaps!

I was young...I wanted to be cool. And I found this parking lot full snow, ice & infinite coolness. The poor grasses & lamps are snow-stricken. I was poor water... I was dripping... and before I knew it, I became frozen poor dripping water! Karthik outside his snow covered apartment. I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread. There is a lot of snow. Even the poor trees have them :-( Same old tree, same old me. If I said thyme, this sentence would rhyme! My neighbour is going to have a hard time getting the snow off his car. Hey! That's my apartment. Walking on thin ice takes on a whole new meaning. Actually, walking on ice would mean you're just gonna slip and make an ass of yourself. Lorenzo struggling to clear the snow off his car. Punch me and I shall become stronger than you can ever possibly imagine x-( That's a blade of... ICE! *gasp* *shudder* *shiver* I shall take this wooden spoon. And... and... cut you apart! Bwahahahaaha! Uh oh! He *did* cut me apart.
So, there! And did I tell you all that I hate snow? Except in summer.