Sunday, January 02, 2005

2005, Tsunamis, Highbrew India & Other Stuff

First of all, my apologies in not having posted in a long, long time. I have so much to say but I just hadn't gotten the time until now. I'm home for the holidays in the good old city of Chennai and I've been busy having a splendid time with family and friends. And for all those of you in whose blogs I've not commented in a long, long time -- you now know the reason =) Happy 2005! One more year is past and here we are -- it's 2005. Here's hoping that 2005 is a wonderful year for all of us and all our dreams, hopes and aspirations ring true. Goodluck, Godspeed & God's grace to one and all!

A very sleepy Karthik & Prasenjeet on New Year's eve
Tsunamis It so happens that my home-city of Chennai where I'm spending my holidays in is one of the badly hit spots by the Tsunami, with over 4,000 deaths in and around the city. It is definitely a sad event, and let's hope that the year ahead is a little better.But more than anything, I wish that our politicians and the media would stop concerning themselves with trying to blame one another and rather help out the victims. Natural disasters happen and nobody can forsee anything and everything. Mistakes happen and even governments can overlook things. Rather than try and blame one another, why don't we do something to help those that are affected and ensure that such events do not continue to happen in the future? The way the Indian media has been acting has been disgusting, and that's being kind to them. And one of my very good friends, Samhita Acharya is in the Andamans and I've not been able to get in touch with her after the whole Tsunami thing. I just hope she is alright, hope springs eternal. Highbrew India Well, I've been working with the developer crowd at Highbrew India for a while now, and some of the guys are simply awesome. We just successfully wrapped up the EduPro project for London School of Science & Technology and the deployment has gone ahead without a hitch thus far. Yay! Kudos to one and all involved! Goodbyes & Closures One of my very good friends, Prasenjeet Dutta, left for London this weekend one an one way ticket =) So, bon voyage PD! Hope you have a wonderful time in the UK. Goodluck, mate.
Cygnusx is leaving on a jet-plane
And on another note, something I'd been waiting for finally happened. I've had closure with somebody in the most unexpected of ways. Not the way I wanted, but closures are seldom nice in life :-) New Delhi Trip I had been to New Delhi over the Christmas holidays and had a great time. I met a lot of really wonderful people - but most importantly, something else happened that seems to have turned my life around! Details will follow. Blog of the day Blogstreet India has voted my Blog as the Blog of the Day for 23rd December, 2004. Thank you, guys! And I'm sorry in not having put this up earlier, or in not updating the blog earlier.