Sunday, December 05, 2004

India Trip -- Meta-Mutator on Agriculture -- Equilibrium for Alamandrax -- Beta Testing of Portfolio Optimizer

India Trip So, I'm headed home after a period of more than a year a half - yay! I'll be stopping in London for a day, and hope to catch up with the rest of Highbrew folks and maybe discuss where LSST is going. From there, I'll be headed to Chennai and should be there by the end of the week. I would really need to get working to make sure that the Indian operations are up and running. Manoaj and Raja are doing a good job, but they need someone to keep nagging them to continue doing good stuff. =) And more than anything - good food! Yay, indeed! Meta-Mutator on Agriculture The Cydonian comes up to me about an impending trip to India (which has been cancelled, due to unfortunate circumstances). The reason? One of his papers on the effects of rainfall on agriculture and references to ancient-Indian-farmer-wisdom-stuff has been accepted for publication at some conference. Wow, now that's something. So, apparently the hot sizzling chix0rs wanted the dude, but the boss wouldn't let the dude leave. Damn. Either way, awesome job dude :-) Equilibrium for Alamandrax Alamandrax was asking about the movie Equilibrium on his blog - and to answer his question, nope. It's not a Matrix ripoff. In fact, it's really quite cool in its own way. Different, rather. Ofcourse, one might find the stunts to be similar but other than that the similarities are quite superficial. Beta Testing of Portfolio Optimizer Beta testing of the portfolio optimizer is on the way. For those of you who signed up (you know who you are!), thank you. For those of you who are still interested, do drop me a line. It's getting along pretty and dandy at the moment, the first round of test results should be out in about a month or so. However, I've limited the testing to standard data, and need to talk to Senthil about fine-tuning the algorithm for certain types of data. Zen Buddhism & Trolls "The only want to triumph against evil is to deny it battle."

And remember folks, George W Bush is evil because he helped drive out such wonderful people as the Taliban, who disfigured historical monuments and forced some archaic barbaric laws on their people. He's evil for conducting elections in Afghanistan and he's evil for throwing out a tyrant like Saddam Hussein. Very, very evil indeed!