Wednesday, November 03, 2004

President George Walker Bush, Ph.D. in Quantum Computing & Ad Campaigns

President George Walker Bush First and foremost, Congratulations Mr. President on your re-election. I've been a staunch supporter of Bush this election, and have faced various levels of criticisms from liberals and the Democrat folks. I was rooting for the better candidate, and Bush was leagues ahead of Kerry, no matter what. I'll not go into my reasons for choosing Bush, but it was partly rational and partly personal, with strong economic, political and ethical motives. Either way, here's hoping for a fruitful term with Dubya at the helm, so to speak. :-) Ph.D. in Quantum Computing Well, onto more mundane topics. I had a talk with my physics advisor, Professor Jean Bellissard, and it looks like I might do a Ph.D. in Quantum Computing. He also felt that I would probably need to have a co-advisor in GTRI, to enable me working with some experimental folks. He suggested John Cortese (of Caltech) from GTRI and maybe Andrew Landahl (of Caltech) who is now a postdoc at MIT, I think. It's worth mentioning that Landahl is a student of the eminent Alexei Kitaev who is a professor at -- yup -- Caltech. :-) Professor Bellissard's works are largely mathematical and his ideas are primarily in theoretical physics, while my background would entail me to work with some experimental physics -- hence the symbiosis. And there is a possibility that maybe I'll also work with the fine folks at the condensed matter lab here who built a BEC, and do some really cool experimental stuff, too. It's too early and too premature to say anything, however here's hoping to a fine future in physics! :-) Ad Campaigns Well, I've been working on some ads for the products at Highbrew -- you can find some of them up on my personal page at the Highbrew public wiki. Kudos to Manoaj for the first ad. More to come, soon!