Monday, November 01, 2004

Highbrew Wiki & Pattern Recognition

Highbrew Wiki Well, we've a new public Wiki - it's up at Yes, it's for public use. There are three sections where you could start a convo -- Ideas, Research & Fun. Please join in, and create a username and offer your suggestions :-) And now, why did I mention Pattern Recognition here? Because Gibson had some pretty neat ideas on cultural evolution and meme-marketing. I think it would be good for us to create something of a meme surrounding Highbrew, a kind of stealth or viral marketing (yes, you heard me right!). For instance, my Blog gets so many hits primarily from folks who see my sig on various sites and forums. The sig incidentally happens to be the title of this page. Unfortunately, those forums happen to be of the kind quite similar to Slashdot (which, if you've ever frequented Slashdot, you would realize is not necessarily a good thing). Joel Spolsky started out largely without much marketing muscle, and used his Blog Joel on Software as a medium. I hope to do something similar -- any suggestions?