Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Haunted Past, Physics, Portfolio Optimizer & Webhosting

Haunted Past Lately, the past has been getting to me a real lot, perhaps because I'm headed to India this Christmas and home holds a lot of the past that I lost, and can probably never get back. I just wonder where life is taking me with all this! Somewhere good, hopefully. Physics The best part about physics is that it can be so consuming and so complete. It pulls you into it in a way that can completely cut you off from the realities and pains of your life -- a serious physicist is no different from someone who is a couch potato. Both escape the realities of their lives, albeit in different ways. But atleast the former has something good coming out of it, for the most part! Anyway, I'm at a loss now because I'm unsure about what aspect of Quantum Computing I ought to be pursuing. If I do take it up, a Ph.D. is a pretty big commitment and something that will ordain me to work a while. The good thing is that I know physics wouldn't be coming back to bite me in the back, nor would it make me sad. If anything, it would be enlightening :-) I've a talk scheduled with John Cortese sometime next week, so let's see how that goes. If it works out, I hope he'd be my joint advisor. Interestingly, Dr. Cortese's advisor was Dr. John Preskill, who won the famous bet against Dr. Stephen Hawking on the nature of singularities. Other places that I'm thinking of are Moscow State University (Russia), Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Israel) and Max-Planck Institut fur Optik, Information und Photonik (Germany). Although the US is a wonderful place, it holds some memories that I really want to get away from. I'm seriously contemplating taking up Technion, the added challenge of the region makes it all the more interesting. That is the best part about having nothing to lose in life - you make decisions with a rashness of quality simply because the worst has already happened, and you simply do not care anymore. Sometimes good, sometimes bad and most of the times quite irrelevant. Portfolio Optimizer For those of you who haven't yet checked out, Portfolio Optimizer has a spanking new demo of the visualization system up on the web. You can check it out at the Highbrew Labs section on Stock Market Info-Viz.

We're still uncertain of how we ought to be marketing this product, and the analysis section is largely being fine tuned to customize it to various areas of the market (and various cross-sections of the potential clientele). Webhosting We are looking for good webhosting service providers with both Linux/PHP and ASP.Net. These will not only host the websites, but also demos and some applications that need to be run for users of Portfolio Optimizer. At the moment, we're using the eHosting (UK) for the Microsoft platform stuff and GoDaddy for Linux/PHP. I'd appreciate any inputs and feedback on any good and reliable web-hosting providers, for both the UK and the US. I've heard that good things about Websytz and Omnis, other than eHosting and GoDaddy ofcourse. Whew! That was a lot :-)