Saturday, October 30, 2004

Launch of Highbrew Labs

Announcing the launch of Highbrew Labs We are happy to announce the launch of Highbrew Labs - a central resource and repository of all the cool stuff that the crew at Highbrew is working on. This would include research and design prototypes, software programs and the like. Things that are not yet ready for us to make them complete products or services, but are cool neverthless. You are more than encouraged to play with them and offer your inputs. But please do note that these are things that we are still working on, and may therefore contain bugs or have other issues that we are yet to sort out. One person who's contributed significantly to making this launch possible is my Stanford Hippie friend. Thanks dude! The creation of Highbrew Labs has been largely inspired by Google Labs, so here's hoping that we at the very least become half as successful. :-) At the moment, the HL website contains two simple software prototypes - GraphIt Stock Market Data Visualization -- This is a simple tool to visualize stock market data in the Historical Data Format, in relation to any other stock. This is a prototype of the web-based front end we hope to provide for visualization purposes for our upcoming product, Portfolio Optimizer. J2ME Mobile Brainvita --Well, rather than claim to know J2ME, we thought the best thing for us to do would be to play around with it and offer some cool demos for people to look at. So here you go, this is a cellphone/PDA version of this popular game, written in J2ME. So go ahead, click away! The URL is quite easy to remember --

And ofcourse, as always -- suggestions, inputs, questions, comments and feature requests are encouraged and expected :-)