Thursday, October 07, 2004

Joe Satriani & Logos

Wednesday Night Live with Joe Satriani I saw Joe Satriani live today. Very first row. Right in front. Chatted with him and his bass guitarist. It was simply awesome!

Yup, it was that close. And oh, I also got a poster and his latest CD autographed ;-) Logos for Highbrew That done, here's the update - Manoaj has come up with three killer logos for Highbrew. We'd have to choose one -- any suggestions and inputs are appreciated!
He's in the process of creating more, but I think all three rock. What do you folks think? My personal favourite is #3, although #2 also looks very good. Also, the third one will look good even if we chose to enter areas such as biotech and bioinformatics. Update (3:40 PM 10/7/2004 ) I was actually given three transparent logos, too - I just chose to put up these since they stood out and people could have an idea of what it was. But I really appreciate the great feedback. Here are the transparent logos -
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the logos may look bad because Microsoft does not support the alpha channel in PNGs. I strongly encourage you to use a better, more standards compliant browser. I second the opinion on removing the "Creating to Innovate" slogan - it was just something I made up for the pages temporarily, and forgot to tell the designer not to put it up. My bad. I'll ask Manoaj to work on some more designs, especially keeping in mind these suggestions. Thanks, guys :-) I really appreciate it.