Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Adventures, Products and Website Designs

First off, apologies for not having updated the Blog for this long a time. Let's just say that I've been preoccupied with a lot of other happenings. So anyway, here are the updates! Adventures I'm a subscriber and regular reader of National Geographic's Adventure magazine. In this month's edition, they had a particularly nice ad of The North Face, which featured the climber Willie Benegas atop a mountain in Nuptse, Nepal. It was a simple ad, with Willie at the peak and carried the following caption -

"Sometimes I need to simplify my life to the point where all I think about are the next 20 feet, not the next 20 years."
That just about sums up _everything_ about my affinity for adventure sports. When I'm hanging off that cliff at 18,000 feet trying to find the next hold, I do not think of anything else. I'm more worried about how badly I would fall to my death, or worse, if I do not make it atop. I'm more worried about scaling that 5'14 without having my fellow-climbers think the less of me, without plumetting to my death. It is the fact that I could push myself to that extreme, putting in every ounce, every iota, every breath of my existence into stretching my hand to that one inch, so that I may grab that one piece of rock and somehow make it. The single-mindedness of the pursuit, the will that is needed of me -- that is something that nothing else can provide. When you are out there, there is nothing between you and nature. The sheer wilderness could kill you. And I've been there, hanging onto by a single thread of life. That is what makes it so amazing - it helps put things in perspective. The sheer awesome beauty of nature is revealed and you realize how tiny a thing you are in the grand scheme of things in the cosmos. Nothing could be more inspiring.
It's been so long since I did mountaineering or rock-climbing of any sort, that I miss it so badly. The sheer force of it is spellbounding and mesmerising. And here, for posterity's sake is an old picture - Daria, Ryan, Karthik and Austin at the peak of Mt. Lindsey (14,042 feet) in the Southern Rockies in Colorado. Products One of our products has completed the development and test cycles, and would be released anytime soon. The other one is almost done, too and both should be out within the next month. Anyhow, here's a teaser on the products -
The former is a stock-portfolio optimizer, which uses statistical and machine learning algorithms to make business analytic predictions. The latter is a student profile book-keeping system, built for Universities and educational institutions. We've already sold the preview edition of the latter to a few educational institutions, who are quite happy with it. Of particular importance would be the mention of London School of Science and Technology. More details to come, real soon. Stay tuned. Website Designs We do realize that our present website design is quite cheesy, and perhaps a little unffiting of a corporate organization. So, we've been working on getting a new design up and running. Here's a teaser of the new page - but be warned though, the site is not yet complete and all the links may not work.
Design of Highbrew's New Website
Do let us know what you folks think of it all.