Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Upcoming Schedule

As you can probably guess from the time-stamps on my various posts, I did not quite sleep last night, since I had an exam this morning in Research Design. Ofcourse, today was the first day that I had actually attended the class, and the only reason I attended is because it's a pre-requisite course, and my physical presence is entailed for the test. So, anyway here is the upcoming schedule -- Tuesday, 21st September 2004

  1. Core-product business plans (short term)
  2. Core-services busienss plans (short term)
  3. Immediate Research & Development Plans
  4. Presentation of all of the above
Wednesday, 22nd September 2004
  1. Meeting with Prof. Pat Dickson
  2. Work on upcoming product demos
I would hate to do another all-nighter tonight. Hopefully, I will get some sleep before tomorrow's meeting with Dr. Dickson. Roland would need to prepare himself with the business details, too, so that he does not seem lost amidst all this. Who said starting a company was easy?