Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Résumé Galore (part 1)

Back home after a long day, I decided to crash in the evening, and woke up just a while ago -- only to find my inbox cloogged with Résumés -- in the middle of the proverbial night. It appears that Ganesh had put an ad out in The Hindu (Opportunities), and so people have been sending in their résumés. So, while I was going through them -- something stuck me -- most people are really unaware of how to write a résumé. People, a résumé is a *short* document, if you want to give me your life-history, I'd ask you for a CV -- Curriculum Vita. And more to the point, please include a covering letter, it helps us to get to know you better for one, and it helps us get to know your English better for another :) Now, before I go ranting about on how to write résumés, I'll just point you all to Joel Spolsky's really wonderful article on Getting Your Résumé Read - that is a really well written article, and all of what he says are painfully true. And ofcourse, this specific point of his, really ought to be publicized across billboards in India -

    Attention, the entire population of India: whenever you have a comma, there is always exactly one space and it's always after the comma and never before it. Thank you.
Well, that's about it for now. I'll get working on some code, and get ready to meet Dr. Dicskon tomorrow.