Tuesday, September 21, 2004

New folks at Highbrew

So, we have a few new people who've joined Highbrew. I just thought I'll go ahead and welcome them aboard! Here they are - Senthil Govindaswamy - Senthil will be joining the research team with Karthik, to help develop advanced pharmaceutical and genetic engineering visualization tools. He is presently working on his Engineer's Degree at Stanford in ME, and has a Masters in ME from Stanford and an undergraduate engineering degree from PSG College of Technology. Senthil works on advanced visualization software at Stanford, and is just returning from a summer internship at Intel Corporation. Manoaj Lazar - Manoaj will be joining our Chennai office as a lead developer. He has an undergraduate engineering degree in EE from the National Institute of Technology & Science, University of Madras. Manoaj has experience in Unix administration and Microsoft Development Technologies. Roland Ferraro - Roland will be joining our Atlanta office as a Business Development & Marketing exec. He has an undergraduate engineering degree, and is pursuing a double masters in Georgia State University - one in Business Analytics and another in Marketing. Roland will also be helping us out in developing business analytic solutions in various finance and investment domains. Niyant Krishnamurthi - Niyant will be working with us as an external associate and a free-lance consultant. He holds an undergraduate engineering degree in ECE from MNMJCE, University of Madras. Niyant has several years of experience in product development across a variety of platforms, is an expert in several programming languages, technologies and is highly competent in Networking and Artificial Intelligence, with several publications to his credit. So, folks! Welcome aboard.