Monday, September 20, 2004

Lessons For A Startup

Usually, I refrain from posting management-ish stuff of any kind, however in this particular instance I cannot but help doing so. As a kid of the Dot.Com era who's been there and done that, I feel the need to point out the mistakes that companies often make that spells their demise. However, rather than post my own rants on this much beleagured topic, I shall direct you to Jamie Zawinski's rant on No-Mozilla - Resignation & Postmortem. For those that do not know, JWZ (for that's how he's known in the hacker circles) was one of the first people at Mosaic Communications, or Netscape Communications, as it later came to be known. He offers his insights on how and why Netscape fell from being an innovative company that brought the Internet to the masses, to one that was struggling to stay afloat. It makes for a sad, yet insightful and interesting read. Another inspiring article that I would recommend is the talk by Subroto Bagchi, COO of Mindtree Consulting at IIMB -- it's aptly titled, "Go, Kiss the World". Makes for an inspiring read, I must say. Ofcourse, the one thing that has inspired me more than any of this is Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon -- I would very strongly recommend all geeky entrepreneurs to most definitely read that.