Thursday, September 23, 2004

Developer Aptitude Test

Third night in a row without sleep. Alright, alright, am cheating - I actually slept last evening for a good four hours :-( Anyway, so far we've received over 300 resumes in response to our ad in The Hindu. So, I decided to put up a bunch of interview questions up on the Internet for the candidates to answer. Rather than give them a fixed time-frame to answer the questions, I've given them a day to answer the questions. They will need to answer them and mail the answers within 24 hours. Why did I do this? Because in real life, it's not like that they would not never consult with their friends and colleagues to find an answer, right? Now, the aptitude test has a cheat question in the end, asking people about the Chicago Manual of Style - but why_oh_why? Simply because I know that nobody will know about it, not unless you've been in a American or British Univeristy and have spent time with the artsy, literature or management folks. So, those who answer that question right have most certainly used Google for their answers :) Should be fun. On another note, a dude who graduated from Georgia Tech way back and is now the Founding CEO of a Fortune 16 pharma company had come to give a talk -- it was quite interesting. He raised a particularly insightful point on what is it that American investors particularly look for -- Assets & Cashflow. Unless you can prove either, you are toast in the corporate world. Good point, I feel.