Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Corporate Encrypted and Closed P2P Network (part 2)

I have been working on something called Meta-Net, which is basically a closed invite-only Internet. The idea is to use something like OpenVPN and SSL, combined with some other secure means to create a closed network that is quite impenetrable. For more information, see the Meta-Net FAQ Why am I mentioning this? Well, for one because it's cool. For another, because I feel it has direct consequences to our P2P idea, and how we could expand upon it. We could make a simple OpenSource implementation of it, and put it out in an easy-to-implement downloadable package kinda way, minus the hard encryption. Those that want to, can go ahead and add those up themselves. However, we could have a commercial product with various levels of encryption implemented for the network (biometrics, for one) as well as other features.