Friday, September 24, 2004

ASIMO & Artificial Intelligence

Honda's new robot ASIMO paid a visit to Georgia Tech today, sponsored by the GVU Center, which happens to be my home department.

So, after seeing ASIMO, I had a good talk today with my Computer Science co-advisor Michael Mateas on the state of Artificial Intelligence. Funnily enough, he and my other advisor Charles Isbell hold conflicting views on this understandably controversial topic. And I realized that I did not agree with either of their opinions. Strange. MIT vs. CMU vs. GATECH. Bwahaha. (Am I going somewhere with all this? Yes, I promise) Experimental Game Lab, which happens to be where I do a part of my thesis work, has some interesting experiments on the design of intelligent agents which can learn and evolve using reinforced learning techniques (which is what I happen to head the work on - something called Adaptive ABL, or A2BL). So, Michael suggested that I could try looking at game companies -- since I have a background in both serious graphics programming and artificial intelligence. This got me thinking -- how good are the chances of us trying to take a hit at doing some cool AI related stuff for companies? I've been involved in serious AI research since November 1999 -- which makes it about 5 years of quality industrial and academic experience. I think we can provide some killer solutions to some really hard problems. We could also enter the AI services industry -- help the development of tools in Natural Language Processing, Case Based Reasoning, Intelligent Agents, Expert Systems and the like. Ofcourse, one of our product ideas does use an AI engine as its back-end to process data -- it uses a mix of Bayesian Statistical Clustering Learning techniques, with some modified Q-learning and Markhov Chains built in. No neural networks, though -- this is rather personal, but I believe that those are not good enough to be handling large amounts of quantitative data which you cannot afford to make mistakes in, but that's just me. Any comments for now? And here's another picture of Asimo, just for the heck of it.
And oh, thanks Sujoy, I had almost quite forgotten about ASIMO's visit :) Owe you one, mate. *scandalous comment removed at Sujoy's request*